Meet our Team

Welcome to Pure Spa & Wellness, this is where you will get to know our team a little better!

Operations Manager

Hilary Pacheco-Hall

Massage Therapist

Denise Smith

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“My favorite part of being a massage therapist is helping my clients feel better. I love a good challenge, and I enjoy being able to figure out where a client’s pain is coming from and helping to find ways to resolve the pain and return to functioning at their best.”

Tesla Trimble

“My favorite part about my profession is the passion and dedication for every individuals health and well-being that we each have as a therapist. Helping people find a path to better themselves is very rewarding. I really enjoy simply just being able to get in there and get the tough spots we even find if they aren’t an area that bothers you. A lot of time that’s when we find some of the best area people didn’t even realize were un need of some love.”

Jennifer Velasquez

“My Favorite part about being a massage therapist is people interaction, and meeting new people. Every client is a new challenge and story. The most rewarding is seeing how I have helped clients throughout time.

Mark Gemici

Sally Dove


Emilie Burdick

Anastasia Quintanilla

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