How to keep your 2020 resolutions

If you’re like the other 60% of Americans who make New Year’s resolutions, we’re sure you’ve read through countless articles searching for the *magic secret* behind keeping your resolutions. Most include suggestions like, “having someone to keep you accountable,” “setting measurable goals,” etc. However, it seems no one ever suggests starting with improving your mindset and allocation of energy. After all, long-term change results from behavioral change. So, what’s Pure Spa’s secret for keeping your 2020 resolutions?


We’re not joking. As much as we love seeing you in Pure Spa & Wellness, we’re not trying to persuade you to book with us right now, but instead, we’re showing you the science behind massage therapy.

How to be…

More optimistic? Better rested?

We all know that massages relieve stress, but did you know that they release serotonin and dopamine? These hormones fight off stress and improve your sleep. So, if you resolved to be more optimistic or establish a better sleeping schedule for 2020, consider it covered.

In better shape?

Did you make it your goal to lose weight or get in the gym more often? Us, too. Good thing massages offer muscle protection, therefore supplementing your new workout routine and improving your circulation. This allows blood to reach your muscles faster, offering you faster recovery. Check, check and check.

Healthier? Better at saving money?

Going back to stress – did you know it’s responsible for numerous *preventable* diseases? Handling your stress in a mindful manner is known to improve your overall health – both short- and long-term – and massages are the prescription. Instead of spending unspeakable amounts of money for relief from illness, massages are a much cheaper and enjoyable option and have been found to dramatically decrease the stress hormone (cortisol). Massage therapy boosts your body’s immunity whereas cortisol kills important cells needed for your body’s immune system.

As you make and check off your goals this year, we ask you to keep self-care at the top of your priority list. Being in the proper headspace can make all the difference as we head into this new decade. Embrace each day, conquer your challenges and remember that it is *always* okay to take time for yourself. Why?

Because you deserve it.

Talk to you soon,

Pure Spa Team
“Because you deserve it.”

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