CBD’s myths and magic

Why are some people scared of CBD?

Mari, one of our massage therapists, performing a CBD massage

Anyone could tell you it’s the “latest craze” or “fad,” and its presence is everywhere! From tablet form in your local pharmacy to gummy form next door at Snap Fitness. However, unlike fad diets, we believe CBD actually works and is here to stay relevant for the long-term.

We like to look at and refer to CBD as the “latest medical breakthrough for maximum relief.” Lately, it seems people are turning away from over-the-counter fixes and turning toward natural options, such as cannabidiol.

Pictured is our Level 3 and Level 5 CBD Clinic Relief creams sold in our retreat area

The term “natural” can freak some people out, though. We’re not saying to stop taking your prescription drugs – that’s between you and your doctor. We are, however, proposing an alternative remedy for your aches, pains, stress, anxiety, all of the above and on and on. Imagine unprecedented pain relief in the palm of your hand. In lotion form. In oil form. In massage form. That’s right – if you didn’t know already, we’ve been offering CBD massages at Pure Spa. 

All of our massage therapists have been inundated with CBD massage requests or CBD add-ons and the reason is clear: it works. It helps more than your average Swedish massage by providing immediate and deep relief. One of the largest proponents of this new service is our new massage therapist, Alexandra. 

“CBD is absolutely perfect for people with chronic pain from just everyday things,” says Alexandra. “Driving, sitting, lifting, working in an office, stay-at-home parental duties – whoever you are, it’s beneficial for your body.”

If you don’t want a CBD massage, feel free to add it on to a Swedish, deep tissue or hot stone

But how does it work? No, it’s not marijuana. You will not receive anything but healing benefits when using CBD. There is none, zilch, zero THC in our CBD products as they are hemp-based. 

“You feel immediate relief and you even feel it hours after using it. A CBD massage is dispersed though the entire body or on specific trouble points.”

Alexandra, massage therapist

When asked if clients have mentioned anything after their CBD massages, Alex laughed and said, “Welllll, I don’t know if it’s these hands or the CBD!” (It’s true, she’s pretty good.) “But I have had people come in for massages and purchase some of our CBD products to take home to their significant other, who may not enjoy massages as much.”

That being said, we hope the myth that CBD is “scary” or “bad” will soon fade. Its healing benefits are undeniable and long-lasting – plus, who doesn’t love cheaper and more natural pain relief?

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