The other “f” word

In this post, we’re talking about that four letter “f” word no one really likes to bring up.


You might be the type of person that cringes anytime someone brings up the topic of feet and we kind of get it. But as a day spa that offers foot detox baths and scrubs with each of our seasonal menus, we can’t help but defend the amazing benefits of both. Let’s start with foot detox baths.


Foot detox baths

You’re on your feet all day so naturally, they pick up some pretty nasty stuff, even in the safe haven of your socks and shoes. These baths can do everything from enhancing your immune system to cleansing your liver and kidneys.

All you have to do is sit down in one of our loungers for thirty minutes and let our machine do all the work. We put our clients feet in a tub of warm saltwater, give them some magazines and wait for the magic to begin. Admittedly, it’s not the most glamorous process – it’s normal for first-time clients to see a tub full of dark water at the end of the half hour. However, like any detox, the beginning is always the worst. Once clients start scheduling for monthly foot detox baths, the results become clear – just like the water!

Foot scrubs

If the idea of your feet sitting in water for half an hour grosses you out, another option to cleanse your body of toxins is a foot scrub! Plus, if you’re someone who’s truly on their feet 24/7, this may be the perfect alternative for you as it soothes any pain and discomfort. More specifically, these scrubs are perfect for loosening up your arches, heels and toes, as well as relaxing the rest of your body. Not only that, but you’d be surprised how much buildup can occur on your feet – our foot scrubs will help get rid of that to give you healthier and softer skin.

You can add a foot scrub to any massage and we’ll use our seasonal oils and lotion with a foot warmer to soak any moisture. These scrubs are also included in every seasonal menu we put out! This fall’s scrub is honey amber themed – you’ll leave with your feet feeling hydrated and smoother.

“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

That being said, let’s remove the stigma surrounding feet and give them the nourishment and treatment they deserve. We hope we see you in here soon for one of our relaxing foot baths or scrubs!

Talk to you soon,

Pure Spa Team
“Because you deserve it.”

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