For first-time massage clients…

Never received a massage before? Of course you have questions! We compiled a list of our frequently asked questions along with our expert answers so you can feel comfortable and know what to expect for your first massage.

Question: Which massage is the most relaxing?
Answer: Swedish. We describe this massage as “long, smooth strokes to relax away tension from the mind and body.”

“From the moment I walk in I feel welcomed.”

– Nadine, Pure Spa client

Question: Do I have to fully undress for the service?
Answer: Some of our clients prefer to be completely undressed while some prefer to keep their undergarments on — this is completely up to you! You will undress and dress in the privacy of the massage room and be securely covered by a blanket and a sheet during your massage session.

Question: Is there anything I need to do after my massage?
Answer: Drink LOTS of water! This reduces any soreness and helps move our waste products that the therapist worked out of your muscles into circulation.

“I never really went to a spa…and now I go here for (e)verything!! Absolutely love this place!!”

– Christina, Pure Spa client

Question: How often should I receive a massage?
Answer: One massage a month is recommended for those who use massage as preventive care or to manage daily stress. If you are needing massage to alleviate chronic pain, weekly sessions may be necessary!

Have more questions? Feel free to call us at 719.582.1432 or even send us a message on the Contact form (see top bar).

Talk to you soon,

Pure Spa Team
Because you deserve it.”

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