Oh, honey

We all know honey is one of nature’s most blessed gifts to us. Many drink honey in the mornings to combat high blood pressure (thanks to its antioxidants) or even scoop some in their tea to fight off sickness during flu season. But we never really talk about the benefits of honey for your skin.

One of our estheticians, Emilie, performing a clinical facial

This is probably because many turn to the use of over-the-counter products when it comes to their health or skin care routine. While these medical advancements are great, the healing powers of raw honey should not be demoted to an old wives’ tale. So, consider it our littler, cheaper secret.

The theme for our Fall Menu? You guessed it. In this blog post, we’ll bee (get it?) talking all about the magic raw honey can do for your skin and why you should start using it right away.

It’s natural

Try reading the back of some of your lotions sometime. With raw honey, it’s less of a tongue twister to understand what all you’re putting inside your body! Filled with natural vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and enzymes, raw honey nourishes your skin from the outside-in. Its powerful antioxidants have also been known to help slow down the appearance of aging.

It’s moisturizing

This may or may not be a plus for you. If you live in Pueblo or Pueblo West, Colorado like us, though, you probably deal with dry skin. Wave goodbye to the lizard-like flakes on your nose and welcome in our friend, raw honey. It naturally attracts and retains moisture, leaving you with glowing skin.

It’s healing

Consider raw honey your new superhero. Just a thin layer of honey contains enough enzymes to restore your chapped lips, stimulate tissue growth, minimize the formation of scars and even heal minor wounds you may have on the surface of your skin. Not to mention its impressive antibacterial properties, which have been known to prevent acne (thanks to its ability to absorb excess oils).

“Natural and safe wound healer.”

The Scientific World Journal
Rachel, prepping her client for an enzyme mask

We could go on and on about the amazing benefits of raw honey, but we’ll end it with this: our Fall Menu’s eucalyptus and honey facial will not disappoint. Composed of a eucalyptus enzyme and honey hydration mask, we guarantee you’ll be leaving with healthy, refreshed and glowing skin. Because honey, you deserve it.

Talk to you soon,

Pure Spa Team
“Because you deserve it.”

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