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Let’s talk eucalyptus radiata.


In some of these blog posts, we’ll be going over our favorite Edens Garden Oils essential oils that we keep in our retreat area. This week, we decided there is no better oil to start this series with than our very popular eucalyptus radiata scent. Let’s start with some of the well-known benefits of this sub-species of eucalyptus.

  • Common ingredient in chest rubs, natural inhalants and sports crémes.
  • Promotes easier breathing and relaxation.
  • Perfect for your diffuser (put some eucalyptus radiata in before bedtime for a better night’s sleep).

The main difference between this scent and its sub-species sisters (globulus and smithii) is its “cool and crisp aroma,” as described by the healing masterminds behind Eden’s Garden.

Here at Pure, eucalyptus radiata is a common request among our clients for some added relief and invigoration during their massage. We suggest adding this oil to soothe any muscle aches, alleviate your breathing issues or even defend against some allergy symptoms. For even more relief, try using radiata with one of our cold stone massages.

“My clients really love this scent for unclogging their sinuses. I personally find it really useful for relief against coughs and asthma.”

Micah, licensed massage therapist at Pure Spa & Wellness

As we near cold season, we’ll be stocking up our retreat area with more travel-size bottles of eucalyptus radiata to fend off those pesky seasonal allergies. If you have any questions on what essential oil may be best for you, don’t hesitate to ask any of our massage therapists!

We’ll see you soon with more tips and updates,

Pure Spa Team
“Because you deserve it.”

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