Pure Spa and Wellness

Our Story

Fittingly, Pure Spa and Wellness came to fruition in the Spring of 2015.

From the moment of conception our mindset was to create an experience unlike any other spa in the Southern Colorado region…

What’s in a name? “Pure” conjures up both feeling and imagery—the feel of relaxation, a long, deep breath, the sounds and look of fresh mountain water and untouched landscapes. Our interpretation keeps these items as the backdrop to the pure route to wellness. Each of our guests have their own journey and that’s why we put such emphasis on creating completely customized, result-driven treatment.
It is our focus to give our clients the purity of the experiences they seek; whether it be massages, facials, waxing services, lash extensions,etc.—we know there are options—but we seek to be unparalleled in all we do.
From the time you open the door and are greeted by our front desk team, to the moment you leave your session, our commitment to pure excellence shines through.
We invite you to scroll through our list of services and give us a call. Pure, overwhelming wellness awaits.

Thank you for being part of the Pure journey and welcome to the family!

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